Please note - the information below only applies to anyone who bought a Camp Bestival ticket prior to May 2020. Please see here for 2021 Payment Plan details.


Use our Monthly Payment Plan to purchase your tickets and spread the cost of your total order over several monthly payment instalments.


The 1st payment will be a deposit payment for a % of your total order plus booking fees / postage. Book online via Ticketmaster only. Use of the payment plan is subject to ticket and upgrade availability.


To purchase tickets using the Monthly Payment Plan, select your tickets, choose 'Checkout' then create an account or sign-in. Next select your Delivery Method then in the 'Payment Information' step click 'Select an Instalment Plan' and follow the payment process instructions to complete your order.


Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchasing by Deposit Ticket Scheme 2020:

1. ‘Weekend’ tickets for Camp Bestival 2020 (“Tickets”) can be bought using a Payment Plan (“PP”) that allows Tickets to be paid for over multiple payments (each an “Instalment”). The PP is available to any customer buying a Ticket between 2nd August 2019 at 10:00, and 31st May 2020 at midnight (the “Eligibility Period”), subject to Ticket availability. The Eligibility Period may be shortened or extended by us at our discretion. Subject to paragraph 9 below, the first Instalment (including booking fee) is non-refundable and must be paid within the Eligibility Period.


2. Instalment plans are based on the current ticket release pricing. The payment plan is available to any customer purchasing tickets and/or upsells which total a value of £160 or more between 10:00 on 2nd August 2019 and 23:59 31st May 2020. The number and amount of payments, ticket prices and upsells will vary depending on when a ticket is booked and will be confirmed in the then-current payment plan terms and conditions.


3. Subject to paragraph 10 below, the first Instalment is non-refundable and no claim can be made to recover this money in any way whatsoever. The first Instalment includes a per Ticket booking fee and as set out above which plus a per transaction delivery fee of either £6.50 for UK Secure Post, or £2.50 for overseas customers (collection only), subject to paragraph 10 below, is also non-refundable.


4. The first Instalment (including booking fee) will be charged to your credit or debit card immediately upon your election to purchase the Ticket during the Eligibility Period. Subsequent instalments will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card on or around the due date (1st of month after the Eligibility Period – the 2nd instalment will be taken the second month after the month you purchased the first instalment in) both without further notice to you, unless you contact Ticketmaster on 0333 321 9999 or log in to your account at http://campbestival.frontgatetickets.com to pay off the remaining balance.


Please note: if you have purchased tickets with a payment plan between 10:00 on 31st August and 10:00 on 1st May 2020, the final payment which was due on 1st June 2020 has not yet been processed. To make things as flexible as possible, you can make the final payment on your payment plan anytime until 28 Feb 2021 by following the instructions below.


However, if you’d prefer us to automatically take the final payment then you don’t need to do anything - we will take the final payment on 1 March 2021.


How to make the final payment yourself:


It's really straightforward! There's no need to contact us to try your payment, as you can do this online in your account. Please log into your Camp Bestival order here: https://campbestival.frontgatetickets.com/ 


1. Click Sign In (don't click Manage Order) 
2. If you created an account, enter your log in details. If you originally signed in using Facebook then select this option 
3. Select Your Account (don't click Manage Order) 
4. Select Order History 
5. Find your order and select Manage Layaway Plan 
6. If you need to update your card info, go to Account Details and select the Billing Details tab
7. Click pay off order in full 


Not sure whether you created an account or signed in with Facebook? 


No problem! Just click on the Forgot Password option - if you receive an email to reset your password, then follow the instructions there. 


If you see a message saying 'We could not find an account associated with that email address', that means you'll have signed in using Facebook when you placed the order, so use this option to sign in. 


If your card is declined, you will be contacted for an alternative card which you can update by logging in to your account at http://campbestival.frontgatetickets.com. Any alternative card must belong to, and be in the name of, the original purchaser.  If we are not provided with an alternative card within 5 days of the applicable due date for which payment is due, your purchase of the Ticket will be cancelled and your Ticket void, and you will not receive the Ticket or a refund for the first Instalment (including booking fee).


5. The transaction will be completed only once your payment of all Instalments has been processed, with the totals as set out in Paragraph 2, paid in full.


6. If you do not pay any of the Instalments in full in accordance with paragraph 4 above, you will lose (i) the first Instalment (including booking fee); and (ii) the Ticket(s) and Upsell(s) to which you were entitled under the PP.


7. The PP requires that, at the time the first Instalment is made, you make a full commitment to purchase a Ticket and pay the full Ticket price plus booking fee.
8. It is recommended that you ensure that adequate funds are in place to process the payment of all Instalments on the dates set out in the instalment plan schedule and that your credit or debit card does not expire before the final Instalment can be charged.


9. The first Instalment (including booking fee) is non-refundable save where Camp Bestival 2021 is cancelled. In all other circumstances, no claim can be made to recover this money in any way whatsoever.


10. These special Terms and Conditions are in addition to Ticketmaster’s standard Purchase Policy and the Camp Bestival Terms and Conditions.


11. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after your purchase has been completed, save as provided in Ticketmaster’s purchase policy referred to in paragraph 10 above.