Sleep Retreat: Relax. Unwind. Sleep

Josie and Rob da Bank have launched their own wellness programme, Sleep Retreat. With one main simple aim to help people relax, unwind and ultimately sleep better. Sleep Retreat will take place all weekend in the Slow Motion area with free workshops and classes daily.  Throughout the weekend Gemma Gough will be bringing her sound therapy teachings, as well as breath workshops from one of the world's finest Richie Bostock a deep Transcendental Meditation from our friends at the David Lynch Foundation and some Elemental Resonance sound healing from Tracie Storey. Think clearer with a gong bath from Gong Grrrl and sleep better after a psychoacoustic soundscape DJ set and sleep science talk and Q&A from Tom Middleton. Rob and Josie have curated a collection of yoga classes ranging from Yin Yoga with Laura Gate-EastleyRob’s Yoga Nidra class, Restorative Yoga with Alison Masterman and something to introduce your children to from Rob and Josie as they present their Little Retreat Yoga and Meditation. Plus walking meditation, sonic vibrations and yogic sleep workshops all weekend long.  "Josie and I have been practising yoga for over 2 decades now, there's always been a wellness slant to our festivals, but we thought it was about time it took a front seat. Please come down to the Sleep Retreat over the weekend and get horizontal!" Rob da Bank image