Revealing the Parenting Programme

Calling all hero and superhero parents…the Parenting Programme is GO!!! Yes that’s right, the Camp Bestival crew is today bursting at the seams with excitement to announce the first names for our brand spanking new Parenting Programme bringing a number of mums and dads to the already mammoth family festival line-up this July 25th-28th at Lulworth Castle, Dorset. Curated by Josie & Rob da Bank (parents to four boys), the Parenting Programme aims to bring a truly unique feature to Camp Bestival entertaining and educating the modern day parents! The programme will be offering everything from advice on single parenting, challenging your views on ‘crafting with the kids’, talks and podcasts on maintaining your relationship after children, to head to head DJ sets from the hottest parent couples on Instagram. As a family festival, Camp Bestival aims to offer engaging and informative entertainment for everyone, and the line-up for the Parenting Programme promises something for everyone. Camp Bestival curator Rob da Bank commented: “Josie and I are so blimmin' excited about launching the Parenting Programme at Camp Bestival. Nearly everyone who comes to Camp, who isn’t a child, is a parent so there’s a lot of us and a lot to learn! But this isn’t some fuddy-duddy university of boring! These are the hottest potatoes in the parenting oven - funny, irreverent, stylish and occasionally musical. From Mother of Daughters vs. Father of Daughters DJ Set, to Dress Like A Mum and the amazing Pizzup we wanted to recruit the damn finest from the Instagram parenting community to help bring their stories and experiences to the festival. See you there parenting types!" More guests, speakers, talks and details coming soon - watch this space! DRESS LIKE A MUM AT A FESTIVAL
The super stylish Zoe De Pass, aka Dress Like A Mum will be bringing fashion and styling, glitter and sequins to this years Camp Bestival with an exclusive DLAM styling party for the Mama’s. More info to be announced, watch this space. TINA BAKER: OUR WHEELY WONDERFUL LIFE
Tina is a single mum to thirteen children including 4 wheelchair users and sadly lost her eldest daughter to the disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy. They live a positive and fun life trying to do all the things everyone told them they couldn’t do. The place where they feel most at home is around music and festivals, so much so they’ve become regulars at Camp Bestival! ‘ALRIGHT FOR A MUM’ TALKS SINGLE PARENTING
Founders Carrie Roberts (of Mère Soeur) and Remi Sade (of Books, Baby & Back) will be discussing the realities of raising the future as a single parent and invite all parents to come and join in the discussion. This ground breaking podcast is dedicated to discussing all things ‘single parenting’, motherhood and womanhood.  image MY LIFE AND AUTISM
Liz Morris - Parent, Carer, Warrior. Liz takes a wry, but informative look at the way her various family member’s Autism impacts on her life, and how Autism and the very necessary need for a sense of humour can make life both surprising and inspiring. ‘LADYLAND’S QUICK CRAFTS FOR PARENT WHO THINK THEY HATE CRAFT’
Emma Scott Child, founder of popular craft blog, Ladyland, will be hosting a challenge for all parents who think they hate craft. With the launch of her new book, “Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft” imminent in August, Emma will be showing all parents how to embrace creativity and make quick little masterpieces with their kids, all with no paint, no mess and above all no glitter! image  FATHER OF DAUGHTERS VS MOTHER OF DAUGHTERS DJ SET
Probably the most well-known parents on Instagram, Mother of Daughters and Father of Daughters will be hosting a DJ set in the famous Bollywood Tent. They’ll be playing their favourite tracks and challenging each other to raise the party bar so that parents can dance the afternoon away. HAPPY HEADS FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH WORKSHOP
Mental wellbeing and ‘keeping your head happy’ will be the key theme for this family workshop which will help parents and their kids manage the 'mental noise', help reduce the stress and still get everything done. There’ll be top tips helping families manage their mental health. UNLIKELY DAD
Tom is an adoptive, gay dad. Or maybe just a dad? He’ll be sharing his journey into adoption, finding his son and creating his family. He’ll be talking all things same-sex parenting and sharing how actually, it’s just like regular parenting, you still walk around with Cheerios stuck to your sock…  PIZZUP PLAYLIST
The now infamous PIZZUP event is coming to Camp Bestival. Hosted by its founder Lorna Hayward and her husband DJ James Hayward, this phenomenal husband and wife team will be providing the ultimate PIZZUP playlist for the parents of Camp Bestival. If you’ve been to PIZZUP before, you’ll know exactly what to expect. If not, be prepared to be lost in a world of Disco, RnB and, as always, old school Garage. image THE HOTBED COLLECTIVE PRESENTS ‘HOW NOT TO HATE YOUR PARTNER AFTER KIDS’
The popular podcast-with-no-boundaries will be descending on Camp Bestival to discuss how not to hate your partner after kids. The team will be recording a live podcast hosted by founders Lisa Williams, Anniki Somerville and TV presenter Cherry Healey. Expect real life chat that covers sex, intimacy, relationships and everything in between (the sheets). MUMS THAT RAVE
Mums that Rave is a collaboration between legendary DJ Nikki Beatnik and Fashion stylist & blogger Yvadney Davis. Nikki is a Producer and DJ who has spun in 60 countries worldwide from Ibiza to Singapore. Both Mums, who work hard and play harder want to create an outlet for other mums on the grind to get lit in style. image JEMMA’S HEALTH HUB’S FESTIVAL WORKOUT
Jemma Thomas, founder of Jemma's Health Hub is a personal trainer. She believes in the power of exercise to make us feel good and to give us more energy. Jemma hosts mini workouts on instagram to help mums, dads, kids (anyone really!) to feel more lively and ready to take on the day. She's also the trainer in The Hub where she hosts full 'at home' exercise programmes for those who maybe can't get out to the gym or have time pressures. She’ll be hosting a quick exercise workshop that will help all parents feel ready to take on another day at Camp Bestival.