Enjoy vintage beats & sonic treats at Pig's Big Ballroom image


Enjoy vintage beats & sonic treats at Pig's Big Ballroom


We are pleased to announce the line-up we’ll be lindy hopping and be-bopping to in our excellent emporium of vintage beats and sonic treats, Pig’s Big Ballroom! For the thirteenth year running the 78s spinning specialists of the Shellac Collective will be pulling out all the stops in Pig's Big Ballroom to put on a show of vintage music splendour and unrivalled live music that'll bring joy to your heart.


“The Shellac Collective welcome you all again to the Pig’s Big Ballroom at Camp Bestival where you can relax and enjoy the very best in vintage sounds and quality live acts from across the UK.


Joining our troupe of seasoned DJs spinning original 78rpm shellac discs we are thrilled to have Camp Bestival Favourites The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, The Men That will Not be Blamed For Nothing, Vote Pedro, Schrödinger’s Strings and Duke Special performing live on our stage once again.  In addition, we are especially pleased to present newcomers Cormac Neeson (from The Answer), Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble,The Wattingers, Ellie Dixon and a host more new and exciting live acts in the Ballroom this year.


As usual there will be some great entertainment and fun for all the family as Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus astounds us and Lucky Dog Theatre’s Laurel and Hardy take the stage.

So come and join us in the Pig’s Big Ballroom for great music you can really dance to late into the night and fantastic live acts, family fun, great sounds and entertainment during the day.”  - Shellac Collective founder and Pig’s Big Ballroom curator Greg Butler



Harking back to the vintage days of music, you’ll find live performances from off the beaten track including Belfast’s extraordinary tour de force Duke Special, lead singer with legendary Irish band The Answer, Cormac Neeson with songs from his debut solo album ‘White Feathers’, explosive trad jazz from The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, loud punk rock with the impeccably named The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, while Schrödinger’s Strings bring us harp-based acoustic rock. Discover gothic western steampunk with The Wattingers, brassy funk-pop with Colonel Spanky's Love Ensemble, madcap Mariachi from Vote Pedro, and a Camp Bestival debut for indie-pop artist Ellie Dixon. There’ll also be live sets from Poorhouse, Skimmington Ride, Bushell-Hill and Obidiah Scrumpet Warblers Jug and Pot Wash Band.


And providing aural delights lovingly played on original 78s spanning genres from swing, skiffle and jazz to African, Latin and calypso, don’t miss DJs sets from Greg's Greats 78s, DJ GG, Tony Tunes, DJ Mr Jules, DJ L'ill Miss Lonesome, Dr D, Ms Chameleon's Mechanical Melodies, DJ 78, It’s A Wind Up, Brother Graham, DJs Flora and Fauna and more.

Bring your dancing feet to the Pig’s Big Ballroom for an uplifting musical experience you’ll always remember!

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