Caravanserai Line-up Announced  image


Caravanserai Line-up Announced 


Tumbledown palace of delights Caravanserai is a wonder-stage beyond compare glittering amid the spacious fields of Lulworth Castle like a priceless jewel. Taking the party to unfettered realms of happiness and pleasure, our favourite agent of astonishment DJ Chris Tofu MBE has brought together a roster of incomparable players to entertain and beguile you and yours all weekend long.


“ROLL UP! ROLL UP! The world's greatest festival venue is back with more vibes than any place around. Featuring brass rave music, ska, gypsy, crazy country copies of hip-hop songs, swing infused with drum & bass, nursery rhymes with jungle beats, drunken Mariachis, insane acid house Morris dancers, samba bands clashing, ukulele versions of Motorhead, 78 playing superfreaks on pianos, 8-year-old reggae remix DJs, circus, circus, circus, and much more. 


“There is literally nothing else like this on the planet and we can't wait until this starts on Thursday 29th July. In Caravanserai literally everyone is part of our family, everyone can find a Travellers Rest, there’s one of our luxury temporary homes for you.” - DJ Chris Tofu MBE


With an array of jaw-dropping circus spectacles and eye-popping trickery from Cirque Bijou each day, don’t miss unhinged music from Dat Brass, Thrill Collins, The Ohmz, Pronghorn, Inner City Smugglers, Mama Jerk and The Ladyfingers, Funbass, BCO: Grime Orchestrated, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, Tankus The Henge, Junior Jungle, Swing Patrol, New Daze and Binbag Wisdom.


Plus, there will be even more merrymaking from The Mother Ukers, Future Shape of Sound, The Turner Brothers, Johnny Cash Converters, Tuxedo Junction, Fizzy Gillespie, and DJ Chris Tofu MBE & Friends: Call Me Dave & Fluff Fluff.

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Caravanserai Line-up Announced 

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