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Caravanserai 2020 Line-Up


Caravanserai is literally the most exciting, leftfield, quirky, ramshackle yet perfectly built micro venue of any festival... in our humble opinion.


Harbouring a decadent cocktail bar, and lovingly crafted from classic caravans and age-old Wurlitzers, Caravanserai will play host to vintage beats and swinging horn-powered delights from Brass Rave Unit, Thrill Collins, Pronghorn, Dat Brass, The Tribe, The Ohmz, Inner City Smugglers, Mama Jerk & The Ladyfingers, Batala Portsmouth, Funbass, BCO: Grime Orchestrated, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, The Moonbeams, Junior Jungle, Mad Apple Circus, DeadBeatz, Swing Patrol and The Acid Morris


Plus there will be superhero song from Tshok, The Mother Ukers, Future Shape of Sound, Town of Cats, Binbag Wisdom, New Daze, Rimsky and Pockets, Sambaoke, High Shelf Remedy, Johnny Cash Converters, Tuxedo Junction, WBBL & Father Funk, Captain Flatcap, plus DJ Chris Tofu & Friends: Fluff Fluff, Hungry Man, Question Mark & Pragmatik.



“ROLL UP ROLL UP! The world's greatest festival venue is back with more vibes than any place around. Featuring Brass Rave, Ska, Gypsy, crazy Country covers of Hip Hop songs, Swing infused with Drum and Bass, Nursery Rhymes with Jungle Beats, drunken Mariachis, insane Acid House Morris Dancers, Samba bands clashing, Ukulele versions of Motorhead, 78-playing super freaks on pianos, 8-year-old Reggae Remix DJs, circus, circus, circus and much more. There is literally nothing else like this on the planet and we all can't wait until this starts on the Thursday at Camp Bestival. In Caravanserai literally everyone is part of our family, everyone can find a Traveller’s Rest in one of our luxury temporary homes for you.”  - Chris Tofu, Caravanserai curator


We are extremely pleased to welcome back the resident circus folk of Caravanserai, Cirque Bijou, who put on some of the best spectacles we’ve ever seen at any festival in 2019 and are promising even more jaw-dropping stunts, tricks and treats for 2020. Bringers of the bizarre and the brilliant, during the day Cirque Bijou invite you to take a seat at the Circus Café, and select dishes that tickle your fancy from the circus menu cooked up by acrobatics, jugglers, and jokers. 


When the sun goes down, watch their aerial performers fly, their wire-walkers balance in the night sky and catch their late-night cabaret as they bring the Camionettes stage to life with fire and mayhem.



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