Camp Bestival 2019 Charity Donation Total Revealed...

We’re really proud to announce that at Camp Bestival 2019 we raised over £65,000 for our wonderful partner charities including: Surfers Against Sewage, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, Greenpeace, Weld Hospice and many more. From our reusable cup scheme and fundraising activities, to surplus food collections and our volunteer-run festival taxi service, it all helps so we’re sending a huge thank you from CB HQ! We caught up with some of the charities to find out where the money that was raised at the festival will be going and how it will help their causes: Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has been our headline charity for years, helping rebulid young people’s confidence after Cancer. The donations received from you all sending your postcards from their Trust postbox raised enough money to send 10 young people on a first time sailing trip with them. Weld Hospice
Local to Dorset, the Weld Hospice provides end of life care for people who need specialist support. The funds they raised on-site by running the resident Camp Bestival Fancy Dress shop will help provide the following invaluable resources: • 24 hour’s worth of care for 8 people on their in-patient unit in Dorchester • 3 patients to receive care in the comfort of their own homes by Weldmar Community Nurse • Enough pay for bereavement counselling for a whole family including children Poole Waste Not Want Not
Poole Waste Not Want Not work with a local food banks and suppliers within the community to offer food at a discounted price, or in cases of extreme hardship for free. On-site they collected just under £3,000 worth of food from traders and customers to donate to food banks.