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Bicycle Boy


An outdoor bicycle-powered eco-musical, for children 6-10 and their families


The show:

Packed with songs and humour, Bicycle Boy explores themes of sustainability in an engaging, pedal-powered performance.
Our hero, Sam has 24 hours to clear out his grandad’s old bike workshop; it has been a difficult time and the business has to close. He remembers granddad teaching him to ride – and playing with him, pretending to be superhero Bicycle Boy. It seems grandad may have left Sam a present somewhere in the workshop, and some clues to find it. But there’s no power and Sam needs electricity to unlock the messages. He needs our help. If we can connect up enough bikes and pedal like mad, we can make generate enough power for Sam’s journey (and the show).


The creators:

Helen Eastman makes work for children and families that is interactive, creative, sometimes a little riotous and explores the complex world we live in. Here she works with long-term collaborator, composer Alex Silverman, whose playful music is woven through the work (and played on a lot of bike parts as well as instruments). This is about creating experiences for children and their families of the highest quality, with loads of fun.


From Reviews Hub:

'5 stars'

‘Fans of Helen Eastman’s work... will already appreciate the fourth-wall dissolving antics that constitute such an appropriate introduction to the theatre experience for younger audiences, and all is present and correct here’.

‘[The cast] tear up the songs and banter with their young audience with warmth’

‘There are some messages here about energy consumption, bicycle safety and the decline of old family businesses, but there is also a central human story that hits with a surprising power. This is not to be missed. The joy in your young companion’s face as she holds up her prop for the bicycle boy song, or the tear in her eye at the suggestion of throwing away an old and cherished teddy bear, will affirm the power of a simple story, earnestly performed, to sneak up on you somewhere during an hour on a warm spring evening and break your heart and affirm your life, at least just a little bit’.

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