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We’ve all been waiting for this party for a very long time but even the hardiest party people know when to step out of the hullabaloo and treat themselves to some truly satisfying me time. That’s why we created Slow Motion; our holistic arena dedicated to the delights of contemporary wellbeing. With an array of restorative therapies and more, be sure to indulge yourself spiritually and physically and find your centre. So why not prebook one of our massage professionals now and guarantee yourself a restorative and reinvigorating time at Camp Bestival?


There are lots of massage therapists to choose from including Massage With Josh who uses only the finest extra virgin coconut oil, and aromatherapy approved essential oils, to provide Sports Massage results without any of the discomfort. Or try qualified Swedish massage and Reiki practitioner Massage with Ollie who offers on request Gua sha body combing, an ancient Chinese healing treatment that is a powerful way to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage.


We also have Reflexology with Rebecca who qualified as a Reflexologist in 2005, at The Bayly School in London. Rebecca’s healing art induces deep relaxation and dates back to ancient Egypt, India and China.  Registered member of the federation of holistic therapists, Massage with Roy is a fully qualified massage therapist, who offers a variety of massage treatments and believes that massage can be profoundly helpful in building and maintaining a healthy connection between mind and body. 


ITEC qualified massage therapist Aromatherapy & Massage with Gill offers a variety of massage treatments aimed at providing relaxation within a holistic and therapeutic manner and is an ardent supporter of viewing the body as a whole person so that any therapeutic work will affect both mind, body, and spirit.  Massage With Eli who trained at The Bodywisdom School of Traditional Thai Massage has travelled throughout Asia and South America and offers Thai Massage. And Massage with Carol, who is a Yoga teacher, trainer and massage therapist will ease away those aches and pains, with a Camp Bestival special cocktail.


For more information and our therapists and to book your treatment, please follow the links above.

Andrew Wrenn Pure Yoga

Aromatherapy and Massage with Gill

Ashtanga Yoga with Eve Khambatta

Carol Macartney Dance Yoga

Cosmic Kids

Hatha Yoga: Richard Catmur

Inner Sunshine: Family Yoga & Wellbeing

Kids Tai Chi / Power Down Teens

Laughter Yoga with Kalpana Doshi

Massage with Carol

Massage with Eli

Massage with Josh

Massage with Ollie

Massage with Roy

Power Yoga with Lyndsey Holden

Reflexology with Rebecca

Richie "The Breath Guy" Bostock

Rose Of The Heart Meditation Fire & Sound Ceremony

Slow Motion Therapies

The Retreat Yoga Yurt in Slo Motion

The Wellness Works Yoga Duo

Vinyasa Flow with Katie Furness

Vinyasa Flow yoga with Gareth Caple powered with Wim Hoff breath

Yin Yoga with Alison Masterman

Yoga For Stress with James Chapman

Yoga with Nikita