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Ashtanga Yoga with Eve Khambatta


Ashtanga Yoga is a strong dynamic often challenging but extremely rewarding form of yoga. Physically, mentally & spiritually it confronts us with our weaknesses so we are able to acknowledge and move through them. The system was designed by the late Pattabhi Jois from KPJAYI Mysore and continues with his grandson Sharath. It is a self practise in a studio, in a group counted led class, one to one or solo.


There are 4 series made up of a set of postures, practised one after the other in succession, the movement’s seamlessly linked with healthy alignment and the breath, known as the ‘ujjayi’ or victorious breath. This helps to build the inner ‘agni’ a purifying heat that aids sweating, detoxifies the systems and stills the mental chatter ‘citta vrittis’, bringing about a sense of equanimity, peace and overtime with continuous practise transformation – a strong flexible balanced aligned mind, body & spirit.


We will start by focusing on the Primary Series Yoga Chikitsa. 


Eve has been practising & studying Ashtanga Yoga since 2003 mainly with Hamish Hendry but also with Pattabhi Jois, Phillipa Asher, Kino & Tim, Peter Sanson, Ryan Spielman, Corrie Ananda & Zephyr Mercer.


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