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Thatchers Cider Experience


Thatchers Cider are back at Camp Bestival for 2021! They are a family cidermakers with their home at Myrtle Farm in Somerset with a vision to create sustainable, great tasting cider for generations to come, enjoyed, loved and respected the world over.


From the individual variety of apples they use, to the knowledge that they’ve gained over four generations to make beautiful ciders that are bursting with flavour, they take great care to stay true to their roots. Only the best will do, so you know that with each pint the quality is the same, every time.


Head over to the Thatchers Land Rover at Camp Bestival to try some of the great tasting ciders that they craft, including their smooth and golden Thatchers Gold with juicy apple flavours, their naturally hazy Thatchers Haze that brims with fruitiness, and sweet and vibrant Thatchers Rosé made from rosy-red eating apples.  


Whichever you choose to enjoy at Camp Bestival, you can be sure they’ve all been made with the same love and hands-on experience by the Thatchers cidermakers at Myrtle Farm.

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