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The DJ BBQ crew are back for the best festival on planet Earth. Why do we say this? Well, it’s gotta be our 7th year in a row catering at Camp Bestival. Or is it 8 years? Wow, what a blur of awesomeness. We love the vibes at Castle Lulworth. We’ll be pitching up behind the castle in the flattest field on site which means it’s perfect for dancing and eating. Our team have stepped things up by going back to basics. We are making our own charcoal under the Whittle & Flame banner. It’s carbon negative and we look after local woodlands. Remember, a woodland that pays....stays. We will have our coveted 20 hour slow and low smoked pulled pork sandwich on the menu plus our next level cheeseburger. The roast beef will be spinning on the rotisserie and we will have vegan food.....chips!!!!!! But the main reason people come and see us is for the awesome tuneage. We will have a crew of next level DJ's dropping the best party classics for your dancing pleasure. We will look after your catertainment needs. Can't wait!!!


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