Yoga for Mental Health: James Chapman

Yoga for stress/mental health is just yoga, the only difference is that I explain in a little more detail how yogic practices can radically change how you think and feel. This class is suitable for complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Learn how yogic techniques can change your physiology, how simple changes to how you breathe can alter your nervous system and how meditation and mantra can make long lasting changes to your mind. James has been teaching yoga for 15 years and teaches a weekly yoga for stress class and is a yoga therapist and myofascial massage therapist at London's leading Yoga centre triyoga. He has worked extensively in the field of addiction and mental health and is a yoga therapist at Paracelsus Recovery (the worlds leading luxury rehab) and teaches a weekly restorative yoga or mental health class for the NHS. James's approach is inspired by his own journey overcoming a chronic spinal condition after years of both working as a DJ and also in a city based job, from this he has experienced a true understanding of the transformational qualities of yoga and the importance and application of yogic techniques for optimal health and happiness.