Vote Pedro

Vote Pedro is the madcap Mariachi band all the way from the sunny Isle of Wight. “Hip-swaying, maraca-shaking, tequila-swigging fun, Vote Pedro guarantee good times. These compadres are the hottest, spiciest thing this side of the Rio Grande and like a mariachi band on Rocket fueled guacamole, they won't leave you alone. You'll laugh, you'll sing and you'll dance. Just don't let them anywhere near your burrito! - Tim Hughes, Editor of Oxford Mail The line-up includes: Senor Simon - The best Mexican lead guitarist on the island for sure. His dreamy vocals leave senoritas weak at the knees! Senor Jason - With his unique mariachi style Senor Jason certainly stands out in a crowd!! He also has the most amazing handlebar moustache! Aaaaarrrrriiiiibbbbaa! Senor Darren - (I know, we all have great mexican names!) With the worst mexican accent in history see him work up the crowd whilst going nuts on an array of percussion instruments! Senorita Sue - Bringing a much needed touch of class to the band! She drives the crowd wild with her amazing trumpeting skills making us sound more mexican than ever! Senor Aaron - Returning from university after learning how to make Vote Pedro sound good in the recording studio, he'll be back to create beautiful harmonies with Sue! Senor Woody - The best mexican djembe player in the world, if you get excited watching people bash their bongos you just wait until you see Senor Woody in action. Senor Owen - It's all about the bass! Senor owen provides the funky side of Mariachi! And last but no means least...
Senor Arwee - Which other band has an 80 year old pineapple playing dancer that drives all the senoritas wild?