The SoCo Vegetable Orchestra

The SoCo Vegetable Orchestra is back at Camp Bestival! Have you ever played a carrot? Got a tune out of a radish? Found your rhythm with a courgette? At Camp Bestival, you can do all these things and more as the Vegetable Orchestra returns! Come and join in the fun with SoCo Music Project as we take you on an edible sonic journey making instruments from veg. We’ll show you how to make an array of healthy noisemakers, from pepper shakers to carrot flutes, potato pipes to broccoli trumpets, just don’t nibble on the instruments before the show begins! So once we have our instruments, we’ll need our musicians and that’s where YOU come in, it’ll be time to take to the stage for an awesome freestyling performance.  Everyone is welcome to join the Vegetable Orchestra, no musician too small, no instrument too odd… it’s a symphony from the soil.  Vegetables have never been so much fun, or made so much noise!