The Jimmy Hillbillies

 The Jimmy Hillbillies are Dorset's finest good-time, hoe-downing, chicken dancing "Rockabilly Stomp" outfit! They specialise in a heady mix of old time Hillbilly and Country tunes, mashed up with a driving bass and country beat, then fuse it with some modern classics, to generate a distinctive and ultimately danceable, party sound for all occasions. Be sure to catch the 'Chicken Train' and hang on tight when the Chicken Conga gets going. Be prepared to 'Shake It, Shake It, Baby' and dance in your boots until the soles wear out to a southern fried hoedown. The Jimmy Hillbillies feature Mandolin, Bass, Fiddle, two Accordions, Banjo, Skiffle Washboard (and Didgeridoo), Drums and a variety of percussive implements.