The Human League

Formed in 1977, The Human League emerged from the industrial bleakness of 70's Sheffield with a sound that would shake the country's pop industry to it's foundations. 
It was 1981 when things started to go very, very right for the band.  After scoring their first top ten hits with the singles 'Love Action' and 'Open Your Heart' the band released the album Dare! It became an instant classic as did the next single 'Don't You Want Me' with both releases shooting to number one all over the world and staying there. Throughout the eighties and much of the nineties The Human League continued to produce spellbinding pop music and never stopped touring and playing sold out shows around the world to a staunchly devoted audience. Recent years have seen the band's profile rise once more due to the resurgence in interest in all thing eighties and we're positive their show will go down in legend as a truly magical highlight of Camp Bestival 2019.