The Frozen Mole

We’ve created a special area that puts parents first. Bribe your mates or take it in turns to take on the childcare duties over the weekend, whatever you need to do to make it happen and enjoy some time at Camp Bestival grown-up style! So, if you go down to the woods today, you can ditch all thoughts of nursery rhymes for an hour or two at The Frozen Mole - a chilled-out haven complete with its hanging mole chandelier, comfy sofas, hammocks and the only place onsite guaranteed to have no little-uns. Come along and read the papers, sip a cocktail, have a coffee or a herbal tea, get comfy and swing in a hammock for a few minutes… or hours, before launching back into Camp Bestival to join the family recharged for even more fun times! Entry: £0
Kids: 0
Vibes: 11 image