Superhero Walkabout

The Superheroes have landed! And so has The Joker! Dare to meet the most dazzling, the most marvellous men and women in the comic-book universe – along with the meanest man in Gotham City. Watch them parade through your event displaying their super powers. The mighty Hulk pounds a path through the crowds, but turns out to be a gentle giant, only too happy to pose for selfies with your visitors. Ironman – are Armoured Avenger – brings all his skill and tekky weaponry to bear to protect your event’s visitors. The one and only Clark Kent, alias Superman from the plant Krypton, heads this happy horde of heroes. While the jeering Joker vies with Batman in their never-ending battle of wits and wicked schemes. Never before seen in the same walkabout universe, this super band of brothers will WOW ‘em and POW ‘em. Holy Walkabouts, Batman! This is ZAP-tastic!