South West Food Collective

The South West Food Collective is a small charity working to reduce food waste and help provide food for disadvantaged people. This year we’re excited to be coming to Camp Bestival to make sure any surplus food goes to good causes, while also raising awareness of food waste and food poverty. Large events like festivals can produce a lot of food waste because neither the traders nor the festival goers know how much food they will need to bring, and often lots of good food is simply left behind or thrown away. So at SWFC, as well as running local food waste initiatives, we work with event and festival organisers to make sure that all that left-over food doesn’t go in the bin, but instead goes to help people in need. As the traders pack up and campers head home, SWFC volunteers will be busy collecting up any ingredients traders won’t be able to use or don’t want, and any snacks and goodies campers don’t want to take home with them. Then we’ll pack it all up and take it to a local food bank. Hope to see you there! SWFC x