'Winners of the Best of the Best prize at the 2015 British Street Food Awards, Seadog specialise in world inspired street food dishes using local sourced, sustainable fish and seafood.  Seadog  set  out  in  2013  with  the  aim  to  bring  together  a  love  of  world  street  food  flavours  and  a celebration  of  the  amazing  fish  and  seafood  found  along  the  Devon  coast.    Winners  of  the  Best  of the  Best  at  the  British  Street  Food  Awards  in  2015  we  bring  to  the  festival fields  innovative  dishes inspired by multiple global cuisines. We source our produce carefully, seasonally and sustainably and from  small  scale  Devon  based  fisheries  wherever  possible.    Expect  to  see  our  famous  Japanese influenced  fish  burger,  seafood  Laksa,  a  Seadog  take  on  the  Anglo  Indian  breakfast  favourite Kedgeree and more!  Seadog is a part of The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival.