Science Tent

The thought-provoking science shows, exhibits and activities are guaranteed to occupy the quizzical, curious minds of all ages. Our new Interactive Superhero Experience with Now>Press>Play will have you gaining superhero powers and become Lightning Worms during a huge thunderstorm! With your new powers, you try to figure out who has been stealing from your village. Will you find the culprit? Don the headphones and immerse yourself in your Superhero world. The Science Tent will have hands-on, interactive science from the University of Southampton Roadshow, pedal power bikes to test your energy making skills, make your own vortex cannon to learn fluid dynamics, work with dancing slime to lean about fluid and sound physics and even learn light physics with our secret messages workshop – kids you might have to explain to your parents! The Science Stage is full of Science Super-heros: Oort Kuiper, professional science rapper who works with NASA, BBC and CH4 learning and Now>press>play return with their interactive science theatre – like a silent disco for children but with science stories! We have shows with balloons and water and science magic – isn’t all science magic though?! And no Camp Bestival would be complete without Silly Science; launching itself into 2019 with a rocket popping performance full of explosive enthusiasm; delivering daring demo's that will both inspire young scientific thinkers and remind us all how much fun science can be! Get hands-on and stuck into our Slime or centrifugal spin painting workshops too after the show!