Rob da Bank

“Everything we do feeds back into everything else,” says Robert ‘Rob da Bank’ Gorham. This statement sums up a career that has slowly, incrementally and, most of all, cheerfully, bloomed into a near two decade higgledy-piggledy success story. Da Bank is at the centre of a holistic operation, the human lynchpin drawing together multiple excitements and adventures: overseeing Bestival and Camp Bestival feeds into his Sunday Best label which, in turn, inspires his Earworm music sync business, which spurs on his world-wide DJing gigs, which flavours his radio shows, which… well, you get the picture! Yet this isn’t part of some ruthless, Machiavellian masterplan. Rob is still the same genial, pony-tailed fellow who, nearly twenty years ago, ran the lunchtime Sunday Best parties (entrance famously 99p, DJ Harvey as a monthly resident) upstairs at the Tea Rooms des Artistes in Clapham, back in his days as a roving Muzik magazine journalist. Since then he’s pursued his dreams with a haphazard vigour that made them happen, from composing soundtrack music for the 2014 BBC drama ‘From There To Here’ to signing film director extraordinaire, David Lynch, to Sunday Best.