NCT Baby Change

Our vision is a world in which parents are valued and supported to build a strong society, believing that a child’s early years significantly impact upon the future they help to shape. At Camp Bestival the local branch of NCT (Weymouth and Dorchester) provide two safe, clean and friendly places to change your baby, relax, feed and play. One in Lower Kids' Garden and one in Upper Kids' Garden. Staffed by branch volunteers, our tent includes changing areas, toys for babies and colouring for the older  siblings. There are chairs for feeding in and water to quench your thirst. Sadly we cannot provide nappies and wipes but we will gladly dispose of your waste. The First 1,000 Days of being a parent are now accepted to be the most significant in a child’s development. Leading child health experts worldwide agree that care given during the First 1,000 Days has more influence on a child’s future than any other time in their life. Ask most parents, and chances are they’ll say that the First 1,000 Days also present some of the most challenging moments in a person’s life. And, with each new baby comes a whole new set of priorities, dilemmas and challenges. At NCT, we have long believed that the First 1,000 Days matter. For more than 56 years we have delivered a trusted service to parents. Drop in for a freshen-up, some down time or a chat. Our volunteers would love to meet you.