My Moozik - New music for kids that everyone will enjoy

Welcome to the Mad World of My Moozik! This album & book are stuffed full of fifteen proper songs, lyrics & colourful and unique illustrations by Phil Horton, that takes the whole family from morning to night. Meet the family behind the project and see why they feel it’s so important for kids to have a soundtrack of their own. Rap your way through breakfast, rock n’ roll on down to school and get your sea-shanty on at bath time. The My Moozik mission is to bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and inappropriate pop music. As adults, we have a song for every emotion but there is a real lack out there of proper music for our kids. Come and hear some songs from My Moozik, find out more about our mission and ask Newton, Toby & Lottie Faulkner some questions at our Q&A hosted by Cat Sims of parenting blog 'Not So Smug Now'.