Ms Chameleon's Incredible Flea Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, prepare yourselves to be AMAZED by the teeny tiny feats of these teeny tiny fleas! Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus will knock your socks off! The crowds will “OOOOOHHHHH” as Penelope walks the dizzying tightrope, tens of centimetres off the ground! Ladies will SWOON as Hercufleas, the Strongest Flea In The Universe moves objects hundreds of times his weight around the ring! And don’t miss Bob, the FANTASTIC high-diving flea in his TRIPLE BACKFLIP SOMMERSAULT OF DOOM! Ms Chameleon and her exotic collection of American Fleas have sailed from the New World to DELIGHT and ASTOUND you in their latest World Tour. Audience members are encouraged to participate- new fleas always welcome to RUN AWAY with the Circus! Don’t miss out on the TINY THRILLS brought to you by these LITTLE LEGENDS of the Insect World!