Intuitive / Ashtanga Yoga: Siân Austin

After 8 years of practice, the path lead me to learn, love, and practice Ashtanga yoga: Moving through the primary series in our own pace; giving ourselves permission to modify poses, rest when we feel, yet challenging ourselves with a sense of humour! Building heat with vinyasa to open and detoxify, breath work throughout to calm and focus the mind. Perfect to prepare the body for deeper poses, followed by deep rest.  Cultivating balance and harmony is one of the most prominent teachings  ashtanga has shown me. Its all about Yogi's choice! I love the balance of effort, and effortlessness; using intuition, listening to inner knowing and entrusting the lead. Inspired by teachings and my studies abroad; Intuitive yoga is a fusion of yoga styles, sequences and Qi Gong. With vinyasa flow to warm and awaken the body, a hint of Ashtanga to open, and floating through Chi Gong for balance. With an open free play at the end, for some yoga playtime.