Heavy Breathing & Gong Baths: GongGrrrl

For the newcomer, gong baths are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Think guided meditation, with waves of sound rather than words. A deeply transformative experience – be it relaxing or energising – driven by powerful, sonic vibrations that hush the chattering mind. Sleep better and think clearer, buoyed by the sound of the gong. The bath will be preceded by a gentle yoga practice, to a soundtrack of drone metal, noise and heavy ambient music (deeply meditative music that makes your insides shake. Think sustained, repeated, textured sounds: Sun O))), William Basinski, Francisco Lopez etc.). Heavy Breathing will be led by Gong Grrrl, aka Jessica Jordan-Wrench. Jessica is IYI-200 trained yoga teacher and multi-disciplinary artist, working across installation, performance, sound and video, often alongside Eoin Furbank as Dot Dash.