Growlers came to fruition with the objective to bring the Prego, a Portuguese staple, to the streets of the UK, and have been doing so with relentless passion for the last year. A Prego, simply put, is a steak sandwich - yet it's hard to describe it merely as such. It is a perfectly cooked, thin bavette steak, caramelised on the outside, pink in the middle, melting away between two halves of a soft roll, lightly toasted in garlic butter.
Growlers are inspired by Portuguese heritage but are proudly British using only local ingredients, sourced from the highest quality producers to create beautiful, bold flavours.
Founded by farm girls turned chefs, Charley and Lara, who look at life as an adventure and carry this ethos through their business, which has taken the street food world by storm. Growlers is part of The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival.