Greg Wilson

With a DJ pedigree stretching back to the original disco era, Greg Wilson first came to national prominence in the early 1980s as the first to champion New York’s emerging Electro-Funk sound. A true pioneer he was one of the first DJs in the UK to seriously consider turntablism an art and to understand what could be achieved through live mixing and as the Elector-Funk scene morphed into early Hip Hop he was at the forefront of one of the most exciting periods of musical culture this country has ever experienced. He held residencies at Wigan Pier and Legends in Manchester he went on to become the first dance DJ to take over the reigns at The Haçienda, where he helped to shape the face of club culture as we know it today. On a Haçienda tour of the south in 1983 he even gave a young Norman Cook his first taste of Electro, Hip Hop Culture and legend has it, a lesson in the rudiments of scratching. Greg retired from DJ’ing in 1984, but his involvement with music continued. That same year he co-produced the landmark Street Sounds ‘UK Electro’ album. Later in the decade, he returned with the Ruthless Rap Assassins. In 1994, his role as ‘Electro-Funk Pioneer’ was acknowledged when he compiled the best-selling ‘Classic Electro Mastercuts’ album. As the modern day importance of Electro-Funk's musical legacy became increasingly apparent, influencing producers of house, techno, breakbeat, you name it, Greg returned to our dancefloors in 2003 to educate and entertain, embracing new technology and blending it with old methods to create a unique sound and experience.