Gorilla Circus present Altitude

Altitude is a new 45 minute, large-scale outdoor show produced by Gorilla Circus that explores the human relationship with height, fear, freedom and adrenaline. The show lends itself perfectly to derelict industrial sites, outdoor parks or riverside locations. Using a unique kinetic structure, the show blends traditional circus spectacle with unusual and unexpected techniques and technologies. Using a 5-meter long hydraulic arm mounted on top of the 10-meter high structure to interact with the performers and as a platform for innovative acts, the show provides a new takes on old circus disciplines with an accessible yet thoughtful narrative. Set on a 1950s skyscraper construction site, the show follows 7 characters as they go through their working day. However as the day progresses the characters find themselves constantly challenged by unseen bosses and the structure itself to push themselves to perform higher and more dangerous tasks. The characters battle each other, their own fear and for the one female cast member, the others preconceptions of what she is capable of, in an attempt to find the balance between the fear and enjoyment of their work.