Dr DJ and his unique act in Bhangra/Bollywood dance music and remixes has taken the music festival scene by storm. He loves to create wonderful mixes and fusion ofpPop with Bhangra beats, and raps and sings, which the crowd loves. He has performed at music festivals of all sizes including Glastonbury (Croissant Neuf stage), Bestival (Bollywood stage), Victorious Festival (Headlined the closing party at the world music stage), Amphitheatre stage at Robin Hill Festival of Light (performed for ten nights) to name a few. He was interviewed on TV by Will Best, the music TV presenter who remarked that Dr DJ performance was amazing. Dr DJ offers the real taste of Bhangra/Bollywood dance music accompanied by dancers in glittery colourful costumes and sometimes with Bhangra Dhol drummer. People from all backgrounds love his Bollywood mixes and Bhangra tunes.