DJ BBQ's World of Meats and Beats

Ya'll thought last year's Feast Collective was good, well this year we are pulling out all the stops and designing a new area with stages, fire pits, sound systems and crazy fun shows. We have super sized our area and will be bringing the DJ BBQ World of Meats & Beats to Camp Bestival at the end of July.  Yes, it's one of our all time favourite festivals. We have a killer line up of DJ's and chefs. Two of our chefs are easily some of the best cooks in all of Europe. Their day job? Master Chef and Great British Menu home economists. Imagine if the Oracle and the Architect from The Matrix had children... Well these kids will be cooking for you! They are that bad ass.  We have sourced the best beef and pork from Walter Rose & Sons. This butchery supplies more Michelin restaurants than any other butchery in the UK.  Everything is high welfare and British. The music is not. It's from all over the world and will keep you dancing till they close our field. The best parties always happen at the Feast Collective. The best food happens in the Feast Collective tent. So, make sure you pay us a visit and partake in our own brand of catertainment.  Whooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo See ya'll there,