Cardboard Castle

Cardboard Castle is a towering structure and labyrinth of tunnels and arches, all made from cardboard and willow. Children, adults and grandparents alike are invited to make their mark and join in its creation. Paint, write and colour. Be creative, thoughtful, funny, political, loving, spiritual, rude, be yourself. It's a message board, political placard, a shrine. It’s a giant colouring book. It's yours, it's mine, it's ours. Cardboard Castle is an ongoing collaboration by husband and wife team Jo Hummel and Chris Jenkins, touring nationally since 2009. Inspired by their two children Ivy and Kit, the couple invented this interactive artwork which combines both their passions - creating artworks which celebrate imagination in paper and wood. Cardboard Castle is a temporary structure which repurposes waste cardboard created by the vendors on the festival site, and is then recycled at the end of the weekend. Join us @cardboardcastleorig with your pictures