Caravan of Lost Heroes

Exiled from his native Prussia, mad circus impresario, Igor Rasputin, and his extraordinary travelling band of super sideshow characters are forever feted to wander the World, towing their travelling stage with them – popping in and out of existence wherever they please… Igor has now joined forces with Gotham City’s Joker to create a crazy family show starring your favourite Superheroes and Villains. Here are the most marvellous and amazing guys and girls in the comic-book universe. And these Superheroes turn out to be Super Entertainers too! They’ve got more WOW, POW, BAM and KABOOM than any performers on the planet. Never before have so many superheroes shared the same stage at the same time. All their powers combine to create a superb entertainment filled with pleasure – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all ages. Holy Sideshows, Batman! This is Super-tastic!