Adrian Sherwood

For the last 30 years one man has done more to progress the fields of Reggae and Dub in this country than any other, Adrian Sherwood. By the tender age of 17 he had already co-founded his first record label Carib Gems, introducing us to the likes of Black Uhuru and Prince Far I and this was followed by the formation of other labels like Hitrun, Pressure Sounds and Green Tea Records, all with one thing in common, to highlight emerging dub and reggae talent and celebrate its established artists. In 1980 Adrian went on to form one of the most influential record labels this country has ever seen, the mighty On-U Sound, a label that would go on to set new standards in dub production, a reputation that still remains to this day. As well as running some of the most forward thinking record labels this country has ever seen by the late seventies Adrian was also making a name for himself as a talented producer, starting out with reggae artists his production career to date has seen him work with everyone from Depeche Mode and Primal Scream to Sinead O’Connor and Air making him one of our most celebrated musical gurus.