Car Sharing


Why not consider car sharing to Camp Bestival this year?  We have three options for you to sign up to so you can reach more people who you could share with.

Camp Bestival Liftshare - linking passengers and drivers to car-share and split the travel costs.

If you need a lift - or if you have space in your car - try Camp Bestival Liftshare. It’s really quick to register and you can do it through Facebook too..

When four of you drive together, you each quarter your travel costs (giving you more festi spending money!) - plus you help the environment.

With the average 100 mile car journey leading to over 20 kg of CO2 being produced, Camp Bestival's goCarShare has the potential to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint considerably.

It's a great way to save money if you are driving and, as it is built around Facebook, you can see if your friends are going, find like-minded people to travel with, and check people out before agreeing to share.

'By travelling in a full car, festival-goers carbon emissions become comparable to taking the train…… so it can make a real difference.’ (Source: DEFRA Report)

So if you’re driving, or need a lift, click here and share the journey!

BlaBlaCar is Europe's most used car sharing website with 550,000 members per month using BlaBlaCar to travel. Drivers post the trip they’re making onto and passengers can search through these trips and pick the one most convenient to them.

If you’re driving with two passengers you’ll save 88% of your fuel costs, and if you’re a passenger you’ll pay a fraction of what you would on a last minute train.

Members have profiles with pictures and descriptions of themselves and are rated by members they’ve travelled with before leading to a sociable, trustworthy and reliable community. See for yourself by heading to BlaBlaCar now to check for car shares.


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