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Wild Tribe Teepee Camp




**Sold Out for 2021**


Wild Tribe Teepee Camp is a new eco-friendly camping experience at Camp Bestival. Situated in the peaceful Wild Tribe field, 20 traditional teepees make up the Teepee Camp where you and your family can experience an earthy adventure with nature workshops, folk music and nightly fire pits. You’ll have access to natural facilities such as compost toilets and rainwater showers so you can all experience an alternative way of living for the weekend. Wild Tribe Teepee Camp aims to be an electric, meat and plastic-free area where families are at one with nature.


Teepees are available to hire in different sizes and bed configurations, all including doormats, rugs, table and LED lights, plus foam mattresses, sheets, duvets & pillows.


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Wild Tribe Teepee Camp

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