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Charity Concierge Festival Taxis


Travel in style around the campsite in a Charity Concierge Festival Taxis! 

Taxis will run from carpark to campsites and to the arena. Meet us at the car parks and we’ll take you through check-in with all your luggage in our trailers- making your entrance to the festival smooth and stress-free! Look out for the purple signs that show you where to queue for a buggy. Each trip costs just a £30 donation to, for up to 5 people with their luggage.  


All our Charity Concierge drivers are volunteers for, and every penny you donate to use the service goes straight to the charity. So by hopping in a buggy with your bags, you’ll be making sure that more pregnant women know how to keep themselves and their babies safe in Kenya. 
Please note, due to limited visibility at night this service cannot run after dark, for everyone’s safety. Last taxis to the arena will leave at 8pm each night.


Pick-up and drop-offs for each campsite work as follows…

General Camping – There will be specific drop-off points that your taxi will be able to take you to. This means you won’t be able to be driven to exactly where you want to camp, but a spot nearby. Please make sure that you can carry anything you pack into the taxi. If you’re wanting a return journey, you’ll also need to make your way to a pick-up point with your belongings.

Camping Plus – Your taxi will be able to drop you off in your coloured zone, but may not be able to take you directly to your pitch if weather is particularly wet. Please be prepared to carry your luggage a short distance. For a return journey, you’ll need to make your way to a designated pick-up point with your belongings.

Boutique Camping – Boutique customers using the taxi service will be dropped off by the entrance to the Boutique Camping field.

General Campervan/Caravan Field – Taxi rides will drop off at the entrance to this field.


Please note, this service is extremely popular and thus there can be a long waiting time during peak periods.


This service cannot be booked in advance – it is only available on a first-come, first-served basis at the festival. 

Are you interested in volunteering as a driver? Head to to register!

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