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Campsite Recycling


We would love to see an improvement in the amount of waste recycled in the campsites. Helping us achieve this makes a significant impact on the environmental sustainability of the event, reducing the waste sent to landfill and the energy used to make new materials.

10% of the revenue produced from the sale of the recycled material is donated to the Small Steps Project, a charity that supports children who live on rubbish dumps around the world. 

Avoid Bringing it with You
Please give some thought as to what items you need to bring with you. Glass and bean bags are not allowed on the festival site. As well as being difficult to clear up, broken glass is dangerous on the ground. If you bring camping chairs, gazebos or marquees and they break - please take them away with you.

Recycling in the Campsites is Easy
Collect a GREEN and a BLACK bag from the Campsite Recycling Pens and keep them by your tent.
When you clear up, make sure you separate your recycling just as you would at home and put the recycling in the green bag. Anything that can’t be recycled can go in the black bag.

What Goes in the GREEN Recycling Bag?
• Plastic bottles (only bottles though, not any other plastics)
• Tin cans
• Drinks cans
• Newspapers and magazines
• Cardboard

Please don’t put anything else in as it slows us down when we sort through it. It’s all sorted before it leaves the site to ensure high-quality recycling. When the bag is full, tie it up and put it in the Campsite Recycling Pen, take a new bag to replace it.

Everything Else in the Black Bag
The black bags are for all the things we can’t recycle, when these are full tie them up and put them in the other section of the Campsite Recycling pen.

Let's work together to Keep Camp Bestival Tidy!

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