2021 Covid Mitigation image


2021 Covid Mitigation


We are overjoyed to finally be able to put on Camp Bestival this coming weekend, but we are also mindful that although official Covid restrictions have been lifted, we should all be doing what we can to minimise our risks. 


With that in mind we’ve put a few extra measures in place across the site that should help us all to be safer. Risk of transmission is significantly reduced outdoors, which means the Castle Stage has got a head start when it comes to minimising risks but our other stages, such as the Big Top and Bollywood, will be set up so as to encourage airflow. 


Although we do recommend taking a small amount of cash for a few far flung activities, workshops or the odd trader, the vast majority of our food vendors and bars are cashless, which will help to minimise hand to hand contacts and will speed up transactions. For older kids who want a little bit of freedom, then pre-paid debit cards are a good option so they can purchase food and soft drinks independently. And all of our vendors also have their own additional onsite Covid working practices in place. 


There are more water taps and hand sanitiser stations around the site this year, so keeping hands clean wherever you are on site will be lots easier. The grounds of Lulworth Castle are large and spacious with lots of room in all of the arenas and there’s plenty of camping space for everyone, so please do practice social distancing where you can. 


Do keep an eye out for our welfare messaging, too. We won’t be too preachy, but we want everyone to feel safe and secure and we will be reminding everyone of basic covid safety awareness. So, if you want to wear a mask and it’s not part of your fancy dress, then please do feel free to do just that.

It will be the first large gathering many of us will have been to in quite a while and everyone will be dealing with that in their own ways so your consideration would be very greatly appreciated. 

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2021 Covid Mitigation

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