The Speed of Contentment is Slow Motion

We are very pleased to announce that our hugely popular holistic area, Slow Motion will return to Camp Bestival for our 10th anniversary this 27-30 July. We know there’s whirlwind excitement galore for the little-uns at Lulworth Castle, but we want to make sure all you mums and dads are looking after yourselves too!  So, promise yourself some ‘me time’ and head to our arena dedicated to contemporary wellbeing. From nature runs to restorative therapies and beyond, indulge spiritually and physically and find your centre before heading back into the throng refreshed and ready for anything. Slow Motion curator Gemma Thorogood says: “Slow Motion is the place to come for some time out.  Step back from the melee and indulge in something special in one of our Treatment Tents, decked out with relaxing interiors and lush products to make your massage truly bespoke.  If you just need a bit of a revamp for the evening you can dip your toes into our Transformation Station to give yourself a once over, or sit back for some hair braiding, a glitter-do, or some nail art!  Don’t say we don’t look after you!”. image Treat yourself to one of our Slow Motion Treatments. There are a series of 45 minute sessions on offer including, Holistic Massage - The Spa massage – only better!  Enjoy a therapist who responds to your lifestyle, your body, your feelings and creates the best massage possible for you.  Sports Massage combining massage skills with an advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology influencing specific structures such as muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Reflexology sessions that will encourage you to feel the impact of truly allowing the connection within your body and mind. Reiki helping to restore your physical and emotional wellbeing. Parent and Child Reiki, a very special reiki which you and your child experience together. And Shiatsu working on you as a whole, covering physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects. Thai Yoga Massage is a beautiful ancient healing art combines work with pressure points, stretches and energy flow. And finally, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage works with energy and breathwork your therapist will combine deep tissue massage strokes, gentle manipulation and Thai yoga massage inspired stretches to release tensions in both body and mind, leaving you revitalised and reconnected. As ever these sessions are very popular, so please book your treatment now to avoid disappointment. You’ll also have the chance to slip away, off site on a Nature Run and experience the joy of running while exploring the beautiful landscape surrounding the Lulworth Estate.  With advice on running with efficiency and grace, you’ll also be guided to stop off for moments of meditation. Decked out with hairdryers and straighteners, The Transformation Station is a place to literally transform!  We all know you start to feel a bit like a caterpillar all squeezed up in that tent, so come down to Slow Motion, hop in to a solar powered shower then wiggle your way along to The Transformation Station and you’ll emerge as a butterfly!   And you’ll be able to take your transformation even further with Hair Braiding, Glitter & Body Art by Jingo and our amazing Nail Bar. Finally for now, if you’re craving something healthy and nutritious then Slow Motion has the answer; Milgi, our healthy food and drinks café who specialise in wild and foraged food. Promoting a slow living lifestyle and a connection back to nature through food, their aim is to bring plant-based food to all people by creating delicious and inspiring plates that everyone can enjoy. The perfect way to start your day or end a massage or healing session at Slow Motion.  Bringing all the best bits of contemporary wellbeing into the same space, Slow Motion is a realm of calm and hidden pleasure connecting the body and mind. Keep an eye out for more wellbeing activities that we’ll be announcing soon.