Rob & Josie's Gin Festival Comes to Camp Bestival

We’ve always been fond of a welcoming haven, wrapped in a spectacle, inside a show, so we are overjoyed to announce the arrival of Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival at Camp Bestival. Taking its place among a multitude of music, kids’ entertainment, theatre, shows, attractions, and delicious food & drink, don’t miss the chance to savour a tempting selection of more than 50 gins from around the world, and the unveiling of Rob & Josie’s own craft distilled gin, at our delightful new gin experience, set within the grounds of Lulworth Castle. image An unmissable destination for any adult with an adventurous palate and a must for the dedicated gin enthusiast at Camp Bestival, take some time out from traditional festival pursuits to sip a delicious gin & tonic or try a delectable cocktail made from your choice of one of more than 50 gins. Featuring an appealing collection of flavour profiles, from citrus and herbaceous to fruity and floral, you can enjoy delicious homegrown botanicals, global favourites and a handsome selection of handcrafted gins. And ensuring the whole affair is as educational as it is appetising, there will also be a series of gin masterclasses from the finest purveyors of the UK’s favourite spirit. image In addition to collecting together an admirable host of the world’s finest gins, Rob & Josie have made their first foray into craft distilling, creating their own special gin with esteemed Bristolian micro-distillery Psychopomp. The botanicals used to distil the gin were inspired by their travels, with a crack of black pepper from Jaipur in India, the fragrance of Italian Amalfi lemons and Ibizan herbs among others. The grand unveiling of R&J’s Gin will be at Camp Bestival, giving you yet another reason to succumb to the charms of one of the world’s finest tipples. A veritable oasis of delight situated in the Upper Kids Garden, be sure to visit Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival and explore the myriad flavours.