Lobster Fancy Dress Outfits

Written by Matt of Rad Young Things It only feels like yesterday I made lobster fancy dress outfits for the twins. It only feels like yesterday because having twins has transformed time into an abstract blurry concept! The lobster fancy dress outfits first made an appearance in the Halloween of 2016 when the twins were only 2 months old adjusted age. Trust me, the look achieved compared to the time invested in it will be well worth your time. Our kids aged two now, still run around the house with these over their heads so I really need to make them some more! I’m an artist and creative in all sorts of ways, so this it’s a real joy to blog about this fancy dress outfit. This Summer we are going to the Camp Bestival family festival, where the theme is all things nautical, so it’s about time I put up these basic instructions to make your own lobster fancy dress outfits! They can be made for all ages and that even includes you, the “grown up” one! image SO HERE THEY ARE…OUR LOBSTER FANCY DRESS OUTFITS INSTRUCTIONS… Have a little look at this snippet of video before you start but there are only a few steps in this and most of the gear you’ll have at home. Follow the next easy steps to make your own lobster fancy dress outfits. If you’ve got any questions, do get in touch ???? 1. Find a red hooded top.
Firstly you’ll need a red hooded top. It was halloween when I made these so I bought some second hand jackets. There are plenty of places to find second hand clothes and I would suggest not buying anything new because there is already enough of everything in the world. As it’s the summer, a thinner cotton hoody might be better. 2. Get some thick red pipe cleaners
When you go about buying these make sure you check measurements before checking out. These were 50 centimetres and I think they are the perfect size for any size outfit. Sew two of these into the front of the hood on the outside in the positions you can see them in some of the photos above. HONESTLY I’m fairly rubbish at sewing so I don’t think you need any super special talent to tack these in. That biro gives you an idea of the size you want to be looking for. image 3. Get two ping pong balls
Drill or punch two small holes a centimetre apart on any spherical side of the ball. Directly opposite draw a black dot in a marker pen to make “the eye”. Next, attach these with thread over you sewed on the red pipe cleaners which might help cover up any dodgy sewing. At this point you’re halfway there already! Use this pic below as another point of reference. image 4. Make a “Lobster Claw” template and find some red fabric.
Use the image below as a rough guide. As you can see its a fairly basic claw shape and accuracy isn’t totally important here. After you’ve found some red fabric that matches the top as best as possible, trace around the cardboard cutout, twice one way round, and twice flipped over. You should have four lobster claw pieces now. Next, following the dotted lines in the image below, about five millimetres in, sew together two opposite pieces, leaving a hole in the bottom end. Tie the ends and the beginning so the thread is fixed. You could use a sewing machine but I did this bit by hand rather rudimentarily! image 5. Stuff those claws.
Firstly, turn these sewn claws inside out. Then stuff with some sort of filling to pad them out. I used a soft toy filler as below but you could use newspaper or tissue paper no problem. Then I secured these with safety pins to the inside of the coat cuffs. This is the main bit done. now for the simple bit to finish it off… image 6. Find an orange top.
At the time we used eenie weenie little romper thingies as below…but…this can obviously be any size. All you have to do is draw permanent lines across to complete that crustacean look! image THAT’S IT! You or your kid should be able to put this on now. Like I said earlier, I definitely need to make some more of these that fit the girls properly. You never know, I might make one for all four of us so keep your peepers peeled for us at Camp Bestival and please say hello ???? image