Don't miss Equilibrius! Our first ever High Wire spectacle

The sun is shining, and summer is edging ever closer, so Team CB are pushing excitement levels sky high, announcing an extra helping of flamboyant fun for our festi-holiday frolics. Adding more than a dash of daring and jaw-dropping spectacle, don’t miss Equilibrius, the first ever Camp Bestival high wire performance at Lulworth Castle this July. “Have you ever seen two people balanced on a chair on a wire 10 metres in the air? Witness this and other feats of balance, while watching Equilibrius, bought to you by the Bullzini Family” High wire walker Phoebe Bullzini  Generously supported by the Arts council, Equilibrius is a dazzling 40-minute high wire love story combining comedy, romance, and daredevil trickery with poise and elegance, performed by The Bullzini Family. Also known as Phoebe and Chris, the Bullzini Family are a highly passionate wire walking duo based in Somerset, who tied the knot on the wire 30 metres above Wookey Hole. With 20 years combined wire walking experience, they love to bring magic, balance and storytelling to their shows with a style that is deeply rooted in the traditions of the golden age of wire walking but with added contemporary twists. Set to soar, Equilibrius is guaranteed to be flabbergasting fun for all the family. Don’t miss it.