Camp Bestival Christmas Promotion

Camp Bestival Christmas Promotion has now ended - all packs will be sent out in time for Christmas. With the lookout in our crow’s nest spying Yuletide on the horizon, we’re pleased to announce this year’s Camp Bestival Christmas Promotion to bring some cheer to your Christmas table. Order your tickets at Early Bird prices before 11th December and you’ll receive some fantastic Camp Bestival Stocking-Fillers. Brimming with unique trinkets and treasure for your mini deck-hands, stocking-fillers include temporary nautical tattoos, brand-new Camp Bestival character stickers, a hand-illustrated Christmas card and a limited edition sew on patch. Don’t forget you can use our Payment Plan to split the total cost over 30 weeks after a small initial deposit and booking fees. And never fear shipmates, if you ordered your tickets for 2018 before 10th November, you can still claim your amazing Camp Bestival stocking fillers. Simply fill out this form [form now closed] before 30th November and all will be shipshape and Bristol fashion.