Steven Lamb

Steven Lamb is Head of Brand at River Cottage HQ. He teaches on several courses at the Cookery School but specialises in Curing & Smoking. This is his passion. ‘For me smoking and curing are the beginning of cookery. It is steeped in tradition and I like that connection. It was originally born out of necessity but has developed in to a culinary art. It bridges the gap between science and sorcery and allows any keen amateur to create fantastic, authentic cured goods. I could spend an age looking at hams, sausages and salami, sizing up the interplay of ingredients, craftsmanship, culture and geography that goes to make each unique item. It is not unusual to find me staring wide-eyed in wonderment at an array of charcuterie, muttering under my breath about the possible methods used to get to the final results and mentally working backwards to their original source. I am at my happiest when I am either making cured and smoked food, teaching the methods to our guests or simply sharing and eating it with family and friends. I have the incurable River Cottage affliction of wanting to know the whole story of an ingredient, all the ins and outs of it, in my bid to unlock the secrets. It is fair to say that I have an unholy reverence for cured produce. River Cottage has this effect on you.' Steven has been involved with River Cottage since the beginning. As well as teaching, Steven has hosted events, lived at HQ as the resident smallholder and now works on the delivery of events making sure the customer experience is always positive and that the unique culture of River Cottage is maintained. Steven is an ambassador for The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival. He will also host the Literary institute.