Science Tent

The Science Tent is a mix of science based performances on the Science Stage, timetabled science, technology workshops and drop-in sessions. - Join our Vegetable Orchestra!
- Make your own Glitter Soap!
- Be part of the Bonker Ballons Show!
- Cook up your own Hairy Star!
- Make a Sound Straw!
- Make a CD Hovercraft!
- Launch a Paper Rocket with STEAM!
- Do the Lego® Robotics Space Challenge - navigate a lunar landscape to save your space crew!
And the legendary Camp Bestival tradition that is Silly Science return with more mayhem in their show followed by the Slime Workshop and much more! Join Sirius Astronomy as he explores comets and asteroids, shows you how to cook up your own hairy star and then afterwards get hands on with some space rock samples and  have a chance to talk life the universe and everything and of course... You can also watch mindboggling performances from the legendary Silly Science, Science Magic and even Science Rap! We have tons to stimulate and fascinate every age group...and that includes you mums and dads!