Pop Will Eat Itself

After reforming in 2011 with principal songwriter and co-frontman Graham Crabb at the helm, the original grebo superstars have quickly returned to being one of the most exciting bands this country has ever produced. Formed in Stourbridge in 1986 PWEI started out as just another spiky indie pop band before becoming heavily influenced in the hip hop revolution happening across the pond, fusing a myriad of samples into their music, as their drummer moved to the front of the stage to co-front the band to be replaced by a drum machine, PWEI very soon found themselves with a sound unlike anything else around at that time. The band spent the rest of the decade and the majority of the nineties at the top of their game before going their separate ways in 1996. Now reformed by Crabb with a new album under their belt the mighty Pop Will Eat Itself remain one of the best live propositions on the planet.