The Oxfam campaign tent returns to the Upper Kids' Garden and we have a festival site full of lovely helpful Oxfam Stewards. The amazing Isle of Wight Youth Trust run our Welfare System. The Badge Badgers will be making badges, Bertie the Book Bus has books for free, World Animal Protection and their cows, and World Land Trust remind us all about protecting our natural world. The Ehlers Danlos Support Team help people with their art and zebras and The Lumped in with Lymphoma gang have games too - including twister! Volunteer Centre Dorset bring fun and games with their very popular snakes and ladders. The Gunstone Trust bring story telling and games, Weldmar Hospice sell their gorgeous sunflowers, The RSPB bring games, as do Dorset Wildlife Trust including who’s poo tracking! Love Specs with their chill out area with heart shaped glasses and Lulworth Primary School bring their usual local fun and Dorset Blind will be helping you make your own sunglasses. Also The Mix-It-Up DJ Kru, learning disabled DJs from charities Bournemouth People First & Poole Forum) will have DJs playing in Bollywood! All profits of on-site bottled Life water sold in bars and by traders go to the Drop4Drop charity. We're also delighted to have worked with the following charities who have received Camp Bestival tickets for raffles:
Chettele Village FeteMargaret Green Animal Rescue, Jane Fletcher, The Philippine Community FundThe Villa SchoolGlobal CitizenGearing up for GorillasThe Rose Road AssociationIOW Youth TrustMilborne St Andrew First School, Bincombe Valley FR Group, Hen Fest, Sky Dive for Dorset Deaf Children's SocietySt Andrews School Summer FayreWWFTeddy Bears PreschoolConstruction Youth Trust IPFA Quiz, Radio Lollipop SouthamptonBartley C.E Junior School Fundraising, All HandsWroxhall Primary School, Newport Devils, Friends of CowesSouthill Primary SchoolPenguin Random House.